Who we are

Welcome to AMRO - the Association of Motorsport Recovery Operators

If you are looking for Motorsport Recovery Services on your event, please have a look at the FIND A MEMBER page which has a searchable list of operators in the UK.

Our website should give you all the information you need but if you run into difficulties or have a question for us, please get in touch with one of the committee - CONTACT US

What we do

AMRO members form part of the mandatory "Safety Triangle" (Doctor, Rescue & Recovery) of services present on Motorsport events and our role extends to Rescue Assistance, Incident Management, Communications and Recovery duties. Our members are trained and assessed several times a year to the Motorsport UK requirements.

Join Us

Membership of AMRO is open to all Motorsport UK Recovery Licence holders including trainees. Joining AMRO gives you access to the club's resources, including the Facebook page AMRO Facebook

Where discussions with other members and the sharing of Motorsport information takes place.

AMRO also provide recovery training and assessments on behalf of Motorsport UK.

You also get access to the committee members who sit on the Motorsport UK safety panels and assistance with various funding schemes offered by Motorsport UK.