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    John Ellis

    At the weekend we were out on the Cambrian. Based at Swallow Falls for the day with Mercia Rescue and the Doctor. About 16:30 we got a call to go and assist at SS2 / SS6. We arrived and met up with the crew on that stage.
    The list of cars off was like a bingo sheet, at around 10 cars.
    Trundling through the stage we came across the cars, some going for self recovery, some busy rebuilding various parts to get them mobile.
    The first one we came to that needed assistance was a car on its side over a bank, supported by trees. The recovery crew for that stage took on that job and we moved onto the next one.
    A yellow Proton – the crew hard at work fixing that – checked they were ok, so reversed up the hill and continued stage direction.
    The next one was a Scooby(I think) that needed a straight tow, so rope onto the Harvey and off we went to the end of stage. On the way out we found another car that needed attention (A Lupo) so stopped and said we will see you later.
    Dropped the Scooby out off stage and got permission to go WD back into stage via the finish.

    Got back to the Lupo, and this had a broken front wish bone. After assessing the car, it was deemed easier and less damaging to get the crew in to load the car onto their trailer.
    After some pushing, winching the Lupo was on the trailer and off they went.
    Just after loading up Tiger 1? (Jon F) appeared in his Disco and we had a chat about this and that and then drove out of stage to the main road for a longer chat while Jon’s dogs got walked.

    All in all not a bad day out Rallying.

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