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    John Ellis

    A good but hot day out on the Trawsfynydd Ranges.
    A few jobs,

    Corsa with failed drive shaft – pushed back into the Paddock

    MK2 Escort – Electrical issues (Same one last year that ditched the car and bent the chassis)

    Corsa (same one again) – this time did some ditch hugging and ended up on three wheels, rear wheel on the bank and front two on the floor, but in the process had stuffed the suspension and burst an oil pipe, needed a front suspended tow and first use of the spill kit granules to soak up some oil

    Peugeot – left the track, ended up on the grass. Burst front tyre and also managed to break off the radiator/thermostat housing – so just a straight tow.

    and a first for me, a MSA unit inspection!

    John Ellis

    Picture of the Corsa, thanks to Hairpin Media
    A block of wood under the passanger side wheel to lift up the bumper from the ground as it was towed forwards to the track


    John Ellis

    Found a video on YouTube of the 110 in action, watch from 6.40 for the car we recovered (the one in the pic above)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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