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    a busy little stage for only being three miles long, we had to go in after the inter car to recover a corsa stuck on the bridge with broken suspension, nav called it as a right six???? obviously not. suspended that to the next junction and called in piper4 to the start,we then sat and watched the four wheel drives go past. we suspended that one out of stage, lake three suspended another and piper 4 a third, with a fourth car being taken by service crew.
    for the afternoon running of craigvinean we were spare so picked the biggest stretch of the stage with no radio, we picked the right spot when a 205 landed on its side next to us, we has a rope on that ready for the inter car (john) to tug, home for six pm

    Amro Archive

    We had nothing to do on Errochty mid point. A 2wd had gone off at the flying finish, but John saw to him.

    Our day wasn’t without event though. Having just arrived back from holiday it was Friday night darkness that saw me loading the unit and completing vehicle checks. I checked the drivebelts but failed to notice the power steering belt (which shares a pulley with the alternator drive) had been rubbing on a bolthead and thinned out. This caused it to drop into the V of the pulley and loosen with the inevitable results just as we entered stage! A quick charge off of GRC’s Mondeo saw us on our way and we fixed it properly at the midpoint. The batterys were so flat that it took 100 miles to get the voltage back to normal.

    At least I’ve got the rest of the week to prepare for Mull…..we’ll be taking our 127. Yes it’s registered with the MSA as are my two crew before anyone asks any questions!


    Well done guys out on the McRae – sounds like a good event for sure, my little lads 3rd birthday meant I had to stay at home and send the boy Knox along with Andy on Lake 3 instead.

    Look forward to seeing your 127 Fraser, just hope you can get it round the hairpins at Dervaig!

    Ian N

    Amro Archive

    Hi Guys
    We were all quiet on SS3 only job we got was a course car with a front tyre in shreds after the stage closed. his spare tyre lived under the car & was too rusty to fit, we had to de-scale it prior to fitting, advised the driver to keep stopping en route to monitor the wheel nut security on his journey home. Perhaps a lesson to us all to include our spare wheel on routine checks. See you all on Mull!
    Allan (Stag)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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