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    A new site for the HillRally club permited Comp safari+, with 50mph+ average speeds, hence the need for full safety cover.

    More like a fast forest stage, with a tight and twisty finish section through a sandy quarry in the tradition of Comps.

    16 competitors on Saturday and all we had to do was jump start GBS’s motor (twice). Someone from his club (SORC) needs to have a serious chat with him about his timekeeping/direction finding ability/poor condition of vehicle/driving ability/willingness to listen to instructions.

    17 competitors on the Sunday. One went on it’s side across the track almost with in a winch ropes length of our position and was a straightforward winch over.

    The only real issue was the track, which was pristine on Saturday but by Sunday morning was foot deep ruts, particularly up the winding hill section. This rendered the Saltire rescue unit practically useless for most of the stage. In the event of a serious incident we planned to run the medic up in our unit, with marshals Land Rovers ferrying up rescue kit and personnel as required once the scene had been assessed.

    Overall a good and well run event. Shame the entries seem to be only 50% of what they were getting a couple of years back.

    As a footnote it was mentioned to me that they are planning to run a few more Comp safari+ (ie 50mph+) events, so watch this space….

    Amro Archive

    someone from his club will have a word, trust me!!!!!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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