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    Fraser Wenseth

    Who’s all heading north for this one on 22nd? Are we meeting up on the Friday evening this year?


    yep planning on a meal as usual

    Colin Rodger

    Piper 4 will be there, not sure if we will make the meal depends on whether a half day at work is actually a half day 🙂

    Fraser Wenseth

    Well, a busy day on SS2 & 3 Ben Wyvis and Rogie. Spectacular scenery, lovely Scots pine and spring like weather on the drive through the stage, but the pot-holed twisty track was sure to prove problematic for the unwary…..resulting in at least ten cars off in the end.

    The shared first couple of km’s proved too much for some, with about half a dozen cars heading left into SS3 instead of right on SS2. There were three sets of “Split” boards on the run up to the junction. They couldn’t have made it more obvious!

    We were mid-point SS3, with Piper 1 on the start line and Piper 7 also on the start line, but for SS2. Stag was floating and (I believe) also got involved in the clear up.

    At the end of the stage we had a straight tow to do (shortcut out to Rogie Falls car park), then a suspend out of a ditch to stage end (Fiesta had removed all suspension from n/s). The final job was a rolled Nova down in a ditch just short of the flying finish. By the time we got back to it Piper 1 and 7 appeared on the scene having done all of their jobs so we soon had it flipped over and winched up the bank with plenty of helpers. We hung back to help the service crew load it onto their trailer and were on our way by 4pm, getting home just after 7pm.

    Two years ago I did Rogie under snowy conditions and had 17 cars off, so we didn’t quite break the record this year!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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