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    Last time I covered this rally it was up at Forest Estate on gravel, but I have to say the format of the event back at its old home of the ranges at Dundrennan is much better.

    The facilities are great and £3.50 for a full breakfast and mug of tea in the range’s cafe is a great way to wake up from an early start.

    Saturday was the main senior rally with 8 stages with a fair amount of double usage. There were a few cars off, one fire, one stage blockage and one medivac for an ill crew at the service park, but the weather was good and we managed to catch some sun & give Keith Cowan some stick, so a good day all round, if a bit delayed (about 3hrs late). Lee Hastings managed to keep form by binning the Subaru too!

    Sunday was exclusively a Junior Championship day with 21 entries I think. Far from the tame setup I was expecting, we had a couple roll and one through a fence which needed lifted and taken back to service. The youngsters are keen for sure and that needs to be encouraged so both Piper 9 and I donated our 2nd day “fee” to the Junior Championship. They need a little help, speaking with Jim Aitken who helps to organise the championship it seems that the organisers are putting their hand in their own pocket to keep things going.

    I was doubtful that they would get enough marshals to run a 2 day event, but Solway Car Club managed to pull it off.

    Safety radio comms need a wee sharpen up but we managed.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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