About AMRO

Motorsport UK have been licensing units for rally and cross country recovery since 1984. Several licence holders, who saw a need to maintain and promote this expertise and skill to motor clubs and event organisers, formed AMRO in 1995. We actively promote the licencing process and facilitate recovery assessments on behalf of Motorsport UK and organise regular training for member at venues all over the country.

Since those early days the expertise and skills of our Members has grown to the extent that Motorsport UK will seek the advice of AMRO on recovery issues and several of our Members sit on Motorsport UK’s Rescue and Recovery advisory panel.

Our Members are drawn from the list of Motorsport UK Licenced Rally Recovery Operatives, Race Circuit Recovery and supporters of our objectives from all aspects of motorsport.

Members provide expert recovery services on all types of motorsport events from Clubman to International level and we pride ourselves on being able to recover cars from the most inaccessible of places in a safe, competent manner.

We are fully trained, assessed and licensed by Motorsport UK and the recovery units and equipment meet the strict criteria laid down by Motorsport UK.