So you want to take part?

This is great news but there are a few things which you need to know, see the FAQ section and Guide to Rally Recovery Licensing section of our website first.

Next you need to get yourself a Trainee Recovery Licence from Motorsport UK. You can download the paperwork from the Motorsport UK website but you will also need to have a letter of endorsement from a Licensed Recovery Unit operator to include with this.  You really should have a look at the FIND A MEMBER page and make contact with some units close to you.  Chances are that they will be glad to hear from you and invite you to join them on an event – that way you will know if it’s for you and the Unit Crew Chief will know if they can work with you.

Once you have your trainee licence, join AMRO and contact the Training Officer – (see Contact Us) for a list of upcoming training events in your area and come along.


AMRO Application

Motorsport UK licence application