Do I need a special vehicle?

No. Provided you meet the Motorsport UK Blue Book requirement as follows –

Rally Recovery units are owner-operated private vehicles, although the rules also allow for commercial garages, and in many cases double for the family car in between events. Obviously, the task, terrain and equipment to be carried determine which types of vehicle is needed but I would think a Land Rover 90 or the like is as small as you could safely go. The modern 4WD crew cab Nissan’s, Mitsubishi’s etc are becoming increasingly popular. Look at the pictures in the “gallery” to get an idea. Your budget will also set your limit but remember that any vehicle you use is going to work for a living !

As a trainee will I need all of the equipment up front?

No. As a trainee you will not be going out on stage unsupervised [except for perhaps the straight tow ins] so during your trainee period you will be able to observe your mentor unit and other existing units kit and build up your own.

An Motorsport UK emergency frequency radio will be one of your biggest outlays so unless you already own one or are a member of a motor club that has a supply make sure you are ready to go forward before purchasing as they can be in the region of £300.

Do I have to have just one mentor?

No. However, you need one main mentor who will guide you through your training period and help you towards your assessment but it is possible that at times you may not both be able to attend the same events.

Once you are known on the circuit then it is possible that you can build a rapport with other Team Leaders and attend a variety of events. To a point this is advisable, as you will be able to experience other ways of working and other types of kit.

Events will not book you a trainee without the presence of an experience unit.

Do I need a crane?

No. There are two levels of unit, Light [without suspended tow] & Heavy [with suspended tow facility]. The choice is yours depending on your commitment and the size of your wallet.

You will see I have worded it as ‘suspended tow facility’ as there are several alternatives.

Be extremely careful of home made alterations as loading weights and strains can be excessive.

Any car, but more importantly 4WD competitive cars, can bring their own problems and it is very important that you understand the suspended tow part of the discipline and the principals involved before just hooking up.

I already have a Marshals licence, does that count?

As part of your trainee period there is a requirement to attend two Motorsport UK recognised rally recovery training days. Here you can be instructed on methods of work you may not have experienced on events, types of equipment you may not have come across and be given the opportunity to practice your existing skills.

In addition to this there is a requirement to attend a basic marshals training day. Here you will be given the opportunity to experience hands-on fire fighting, basic First-Aid and radio operations. Unless you are already au-fait with rally set ups and running then you can see where we fit into the whole picture. As a member of the marshal’s register you may well have attended the latter type of day and this is acceptable.

Will I be insured when doing recovery?

The simple answer is that the car your are recovering will be but your vehicle may not.

The are two elements to this very contentious problem.

Do I need a First Aid certificate?

No. However, it is highly recommended, for your own safety, that you have some first aid knowledge and the HSE at Work [10+ persons] type of course and certificate is ideal.

There will be times when your unit is working alone with some extremely dangerous kit in hazardous conditions and will need this knowledge. Other times you may be the first on scene of an accident.

We work closely with Rally Rescue Units and you may well find yourself helping with rescue activities under the direction of a doctor or Rescue crew member.

Do I get paid for events?

This is negotiable and depends on event organisers. Generally, trainee units, when shadowing, do not figure in an events finances.

You are never going to get rich or make a living at rally recovery so treat it as a hobby.

Most event organisers [but certainly not all] are realistic in their outlook and realise the cost of running a unit and are willing to pay reasonable expenses but this can vary considerably.

Can I join AMRO as a trainee?

Yes. There are three levels of membership but anyone who holds a recovery licence will be expected to join as a full [or family] member.


Still interested? Want to know more?

Pick up the phone and speak to any of the Club contacts or a Unit Team Leader from the Operators list or a Unit on your next event.

Hopefully we will get to see you out there in mud soon.

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